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Dear Mannatech, What is going on with the Ambertose products? Two weeks ago on a Friday night after work hours we received an email not to use the four canisters of Ambertose Life. In that letter we were told to hold it and we would receive further guidance. 14 days and no guidance. I have called twice and was told guidance would be posted on the allaboutmannatech marketing site. Yea right. I don't need marketing I need product support. We have ordered replacement canisters and they are on back order. The same for our OSP orders and other monthly orders. So what is Mannatech doing? Who is in control of this organization? You have other competitors now in the world and frankly I am looking. If the only unique product is not going to be made available and soon you will lose my 20 years of doing business with you. I at least expected an analysis of the products defect by now. So why the secrecy. No information is starting to look like a serious issue or a cover up. Mark Sandersfeld